Two Little Cats EP

by Banshee Tree

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released February 7, 2014



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Banshee Tree Boulder, Colorado

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Track Name: Loose Rhyme
There was a loose rhyme
A deadman retracing his tracks
Red moon on the rise
Dogs howl at your back
You run and you run
Can’t remember the name of anyone you love right now

Lay it on heavy on the camels back
got the nerve to pour the turpentine all over the cat
Its hard to get down when your up in the rafters
at least i know where i’m at

Come on give me that sugar gal
Give me that switch
I’ll be in and out every time you get that itch
Hang on i’m waiting with a hunger for a woman that won’t tell me her god blessed name

She was licking on a switchblade.
Who gave me lemons?
What was that beautiful woman’s name
Walking on in with a face full of sin
and a bosom of the finest lace

She said that kind of crap tends to make me yawn
The lines on the map will have to be redrawn
We’ll be the last ones up at dawn with all our money spent

Come on and give me that sugar gal,
Give me that switch
Ill be in and out anytime you get that itch
hang on im’ waiting got a hunger for a woman that won’t tell me her god blessed name